Etched Mirror Project

This is a little weekend project I thought I’d share with you!
Buy a mirror.  Put a design on it.  Paint over the whole thing with etching paint.  Peel off contact paper.  VOILA!
First I started with a few thrift-store frames.  I love thrift-store frames.  These are actually nicer frames but usually I find some pretty ugly ones and magically turn them fabulous with just a coat of spray paint.  It’s so easy!
I decided to use frosted glass spray paint for that etched look on my mirror.  I printed out a pattern and cut out the shape from a sheet of contact paper.  Next I carefully positioned my sticky contact paper shape in the center of my mirror.  The good thing about contact paper is that it’s easy to peel up and reposition if you get it a little crooked.  Wherever you put it just make sure you press it down really good because that will ensure a sharper line when you paint.

I also cut up a strip of painter’s tape (masking tape will work just fine too) into four strips using a ruler and a utility knife so I could create a thin frame around my shape.
Then following the directions on the etching spray can I painted two even coats over the mirror and let it dry.
After the frosted spray was dry I peeled up the tape and contact paper carefully.
This project turned out very cool!
What You’ll Need:
1. Contact paper (found in drugstores and hardware stores, used for lining kitchen drawers, etc.).
2. Exacto knife and sharp blades.
3. Etching spray.
4. Mirror (or glass).
1. Lay contact paper over your entire mirror and smooth out any air bubbles.
2. Draw your design on the contact paper.
3. Using a sharp exacto blade, cut out the shapes in your design that will be filled with etching spray, making sure you cover your cut out areas completely.
4.  Let dry for a minute, then spray another layer of etching spray.
5. Carefully peel contact paper off .

Small-Space Secret: A Great Big Mirror

An oversized mirror makes a small room feel much larger.
Mirrors in home decor, especially oversized mirrors, are assets when positioned to accentuate your home’s best features. Framed or unframed, mounted or free-standing, mirrors are hardworking and can double your decorating dollar.  You may live in only 500 square feet, but the right mirror can make it appear much larger.
When installing an oversized mirror, be mindful of what it will reflect.  In this dining room, the mirror shows a lovely reflection of not only the crystal chandelier, but also of a painting and a winding staircase in the foyer.
The simple addition of a large mirror will turn your dining room into a fashionable room in an instant.
When placed in a dark room, an oversized mirror eagerly exposes any bit of light and radiates it throughout the entire room.

A mirror’s reflective qualities brighten a room, even on a cloudy day.

Dress Up Your Desktop

Dress up your desktop with wallpaper under glass.

Add gorgeous wallpaper to your desktop for a punch of color in your workspace.

Just cut it to size, tape it down to your desk at the corners, then top it off with a piece of glass.

Voila! Now you have instant personality for an otherwise drab teched-out workspace.