Desk Top Glass

Your Office

home office design 2

cool desk - my mum's got a glass plate on top of her desk, only the surface of desk is a lot smaller than the plate

fresh organic paints, repurposed fabric covers and reclaimed glass tops for an eco fresh style with glam

Try creating an Office Nook…

Reuse: For this office desk, we topped an old door with frosted glass, and suspended it from the ceiling on 3/16-inch cable wire.

You work from home but you really work from your bed, crammed space near your closet, in front of your TV or some other place that I would definitely not deem the “workspace.” The key to working from home is to carve out a space outside of your bedroom that is ONLY for your work. Now, what if you don’t have a lot of room?



Why We love it:

  • Create a workspace out of what was just a window
  • Have a view that’s better than your TV or closet
  • Increase your productivity and creativity with a new work area that’s suitable for ….you guessed it, WORK.

The New Adventures in Desk Top Design

The New Adventures in Desk Top Design...By The Black Workshop - would be cute in a craft room - as desk would need a glass top

Repurpose an old door as desk with glass on top.

Repurpose an old door as desk with glass on top #upcycle

Weathered recycled door as a desk top.

weathered recycled door as a desk top~DIY...i like this idea except i would have to put plexiglass on it to make it smooth

old door with glass top... and look at those brackets holding up the shelves <3 <3 <3

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Shelving Glass

Glass Shelves

Glass shelves blend with any decor and make a great accent for virtually any room in our homes and offices.  Anderson Glass Company specializes in the manufacture and installation of custom-glass shelving.  Glass shelves make a wonderful addition to a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, bar, or office.

Whether you want to add new bookshelves or shelf space inside a kitchen cabinet, glass shelves bring a touch of elegance to any room without crowding it – they even lend an illusion of increased size and depth to a space.

Glass shelves are less intrusive than wood or metal shelves.  They allow light to pass through, leaving a glow on the translucent material.  To magnify this effect, you can use special lighting from above or below the space depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

Learn more about Custom Glass Shelves

There are myriad styles when it comes to glass shelving.  One of the most popular is “floating” shelving, or shelving that has no visible brackets holding it up or supporting it from above or below.  It seems simply to float against the wall.

Glass shelving adds space without using space.  In sharp contrast to metal or wood shelving, light continues to flow through glass shelves, reflecting from every edge surface, as if nothing’s there.

These floating shelves blend designer elements with practical storage solutions

All of our glass shelves are “cut to fit or special ordered” so you can be as creative as you want with your space.  Please call our glass experts at 1-360-696-0194 for a quote.

Multiple shapes to choose from:

  • Rectangular shelf
  • Square Shelf

Different types of glass available:

  • Clear Glass
  • Frosted  Glass
  • Bronze Glass
  • Grey Glass

Different edge works available

  • Seamed Edge: In this application, after the glass is cut the edges are sanded to dull the sharp edges.
  • Flat Polish Edge: In this application the edges of the glass has been polished to a smooth shiny finish.
  • Pencil Polish Edge: The edge is rounded for a softer look.
  • Beveled Polish Edge: This process leaves the glass shelf thinner around the edges and thicker in the center.

Why Should You Order Your Glass Shelves from Anderson Glass?

Here are the reasons:

  1. We carry more than one hundred thousand square feet of different type  and thicknesses of glass in stock.  Arguably one of the largest  inventories in the area.
  2. We custom cut our glass shelf orders on site.
  3. Fastest turn around time in the industry.
  4. Price guarantee on larger orders.

Call Anderson Glass Company for your free, no obligation estimate today.


Vinyl Windows

Anderson Glass Company has innovative glass solutions for your home!

Our glass products address all of the challenges homeowners face – energy costs and consumption, maintaining the value of their home in a challenging economy and having a beautiful home!
At Anderson Glass, we not only manufacture insulated glass units but also provide a wide range of products and services  for your distinctive needs.  We believe in old-fashioned things like good quality, excellent service, and  warranties on all our products.
Here are just a few examples of our custom window services:
  • Replace your broken or failed insulated glass units in your windows or patio doors.
  • Update your aging single pane windows and save on your energy bill.
  • Update your old patio doors, to easy rolling, easy locking new patio doors or change up your look with new french doors.
  • Change the options in your double paned units for better effeciency based on your homes needs.
We manufacture double-pane insulated clear glass units right here, in house. In many cases if you get your broken window to us before 10 AM on a normal business day we can have it repaired for you the same day!

Custom Built Vinyl Windows For Replacement Windows or New Construction

One of the advantages of vinyl windows and  doors is that they never need painting, never rot, blister or peel.  Vinyl windows and doors have outstanding energy-efficient, insulating properties and they are virtually maintenance free-giving you more free time.
Whether you are remodeling an existing home or building a new home, energy efficient vinyl windows are an excellent investment.  Transforming a house into a beautiful home is a costly and  time-consuming task.  Home improvement projects and overall upkeep require an equal investment of time and money.  Today’s homeowners and remodelers are looking for replacement windows that perform best in all weather conditions, keep their appearance, are easy to maintain and affordable.



Why Vinyl?





  • Vinyl compound is a highly specialized material that is manufactured under stringent conditions.


  • Stable – no cracking, splitting, peeling, chalking pigments prevent uv radiation degradation
  • Durable – performs under varying conditions of rain, cold, wind and sun
  • Welded Corners – fusion welded frame


  • Maintains consistent color

Time Saver

  • Maintenance free – no sanding or painting, free from rot and infestations

Thermal Barrier

  • Multi-chamber extrusions form insulating air spaces
  • When measuring the rate of heat flow through a window or patio door; vinyl performs  as well or better than framing materials like wood or aluminum.
The answer is vinyl replacement windows from Anderson Glass Company of Vancouver, Washington.  Call us for more information on custom built vinyl windows.

“According to the U.S. Department of Energy windows can account for 10-25% of your energy bill. Upgrading to ENERGYSTAR® Qualified Windows will reduce your energy costs.”







Sprayway Glass Cleaner

Sprayway Glass Cleaner

  • A glass industry favorite for years
  • Ammonia-free formula
  • Fast evaporation rate, just spray and wipe clean


Year after year, our Sprayway Glass Cleaner is one of our most popular cleaners.  The formula includes perfume-grade alcohols, which are the best cleaning agents you can use.  It also has a fast evaporation rate, which keeps it from leaving a messy film.




Window Repair Service

Anderson Glass Company is #1 in window repair service.


We can help you with ALL your glass requirements, just tell us what you need and we can help!

Glass Replacement
We offer glass replacement to secure your business or home.  Glass breakage occurs due to a break-in’s, accidents, or act of nature.  We will come out and secure your store or home to prevent you from being vulnerable from vandalism or weather damage until we can replace the glass.


1) What is safety glass and why is it required in my home or office?
Safety glass is either Tempered or Laminated glass.  It is required to be used in or next to a door, when it is 18″ from the floor and is in any shower enclosure application.
2) What is Low-E and what does it do for my windows?
Low-E (Low Emissivity) coatings are microscopically thin, virtually invisible, metal or metallic oxide layers deposited on a window glazing surface primarily to reduce the U-factor.  Low-E coating will reflect heat energy from inside the room to help reduce the energy loss.
3) What is argon gas?
Argon gas is nontoxic, nonreactive, clear and odorless gas fill that is placed in the air space of an insulated glazing unit.  When used there is a measurable improvement in the thermal performance.
4) If a single pane of glass breaks in my dual paned unit, can I replace the single pane?
No.  You will need to replace the entire unit. When one pane of glass is broken, it destroys the entire unit because you will not be able to insulate it again.  The insulated units are made with special specifications so they can perform in most energy sufficient way and once a seal is broken, it is unrepairable.
5) Can you cut a piece of glass I already own?
Yes, as long as the glass is not tempered. We can fabricate your glass to your needs, such as cutting it to a different size, adding edge work, holes, notches, and/or finger pulls.  All fabrication done to the glass will be at your risk.
6) What is the best way to clean my glass shower door?
The shower unit should be cleaned weekly.  Many cleaners can damage the metal finish and/or scratch the glass of the enclosure.  Use nonabrasive cleaning detergents to clean the glass.  Avoid cleaners with abrasive powder or liquid, bleach or vinegar bases, and/or steel or scouring pads.

Anderson Glass Company is here to assist you with any questions you may have, at any time to request a free quote.

Tabletop Glass

Using glass on your table tops from Anderson Glass Company will enhance your home interiors!

We specialize in custom glass table tops: end tables, coffee tables, dining room tables, desktops, office furniture and conference room tables.  With a custom glass furniture top you will have a “peace of mind” and eliminate worry over surface damage to your beautiful wood furniture.

Anderson Glass table tops are virtually synonymous with modernism in design and overall appeal, along with premium level fabrication.

Using a tempered tabletop is both very fashionable and durable.

Whether you pick out a square, round, rectangular or anything model or style in between, a glass top dining table is one of the most spectacular furniture pieces you might own.  A beautiful new glass tabletop reflects light which in turn brightens any room!

We offer custom glass table tops in thickness from ¼” to 1” and in all shapes, sizes, and different styles of edgework. Standard or tempered glass is available.

  • Glass Conference Table Tops
    Glass conference table tops protect the value and beauty of conference room tables.  Our experienced technicians will come out to measure your conference table and we will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE. We deliver and install the table top.
  • Broken Patio Table Glass Replacement
    We replace shattered patio table tops with umbrella holes.

Anderson Glass Company is #1 for Table Top Replacement and Custom Glass Table Tops!

Glass Front Cabinet

Anderson Glass’s Largest Cabinet Glass Choices:

Upgrade your cabinets with custom decorative glass inserts to refresh interiors, invigorate your decor and enhance your home or office!

We provide a variety of glass types for:
  • Kitchen Cabinets
  • Bathromm Cabinets
  • TV Cabinets
  • Wall Cabinets


Modern Glass for Cabinets

Textured glass, which has a texture (or pattern) impressed onto the glass, creates a translucent, subtle shifting of light, perfect for office partitions, light fixtures, shower enclosures, privacy windows and cabinet doors.
Are you looking for a way to update your kitchen? Anderson Glass Company has several options to choose from for glass-front cabinets. The glass comes in various levels of obscurity and many different patterns.  Use patterned glass cabinet doors to partially obscure the contents of a cabinet and create visual appeal. New and improved products are added to the marketplace every day and Anderson Glass takes pride in staying up to date with current trends.
Glass front cabinet doors can go a long way in making a small kitchen seem bigger and more airy. You will be blown away with the amount of choice we will give you at Anderson Glass Company in Vancouver, WA.
Residential Window Glass Replacement:
Portland/Vancouver homeowners have trusted Anderson Glass to replace broken window glass and door glass in their homes for over 50 years.
House Glass Replacement; We specialize in replacing broken single pane, double paned and foggy insulated glass in windows and doors.
Patio Door and Sliding Door Glass Replacement; Our experienced installers replace broken patio door glass and broken sliding door glass.