Tub Enclosures

Anderson Glass Companys provides premium quality shower doors, bathtub enclosures and custom framelss shower doors.


Here at Anderson Glass Company we have earned a reputation by providing personalized service, competitive pricing and great product in a timely and professional manner.  Whether you are building or remodeling an entry-level home or on the Street of Dreams, we can make sure that your project needs are met.


Is your bathroom plain, basic or boring?  Make it a beautiful, chic place that’s a pleasure to retreat to.  One of the absolute best investments that you, a homeowner, can make in is in your bath including new shower doors and tub enclosures.  Newly designed shower doors and tub enclosures provide you both present enjoyment and future resale value.  According to Home & Garden magazine, “The bathroom is the new kitchen”, and dollars spent there will bring a return when the home is sold.



There are many new shower door and tub enclosures to give you different options for your bath.  These include framed and frameless designs.


Silver anodized aluminum framed tub enclosure

Bathrooms no longer need to be basic and boring to be functional.  Anderson Glass Company has been providing both custom shower and tub enclosures for over 50 years.

Today’s enclosures can be the centerpiece of any bathroom, call us today for a quote.



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