Controlling Condensation



Controlling Condensation

Ways To Reduce Household Humidity Levels:


  • Shut off all household humidifier units (including the furnace humidifier).
  • Ventilate regularly. Air out the entire house for a few minutes each day.
  • Ventilate kitchen, laundry and bathrooms during use.
  • Run exhaust fans longer and more often.
  • Open the fireplace damper.
  • Be sure attic and basement crawl space louvers are large enough and open.
  • Add a basement dehumidifier.
  • Adequately vent humidity producers such as clothes dryers and all gas burners to the outdoors.


What Is The Maximum Safe Humidity Level For Your Home?
Your home must maintain a certain level of humidity for comfort and health reasons.  The easiest way to test this humidity level is through the use of a psychrometer. The maximum safe humidity levels for a home heated to 70 degrees F.  Lower humidity levels are required for higher indoor temperatures.
How Do I Control The Humidity?
Sometimes persistent humidity problems are difficult to solve.  You may have to call a qualified expert for advice and direction. They will make recommendations based on an overall evaluation that includes: the numberand type of windows, the type of glazing system in house windows, the heating system, type of insulation and vapor barrier, and/or the type of soil and
quality of exterior drainage.  They may suggest such measures as exterior air vents for your furnace or additional exhaust fans.


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