Tabletop Glass

Using glass on your table tops from Anderson Glass Company will enhance your home interiors!

We specialize in custom glass table tops: end tables, coffee tables, dining room tables, desktops, office furniture and conference room tables.  With a custom glass furniture top you will have a “peace of mind” and eliminate worry over surface damage to your beautiful wood furniture.

Anderson Glass table tops are virtually synonymous with modernism in design and overall appeal, along with premium level fabrication.

Using a tempered tabletop is both very fashionable and durable.

Whether you pick out a square, round, rectangular or anything model or style in between, a glass top dining table is one of the most spectacular furniture pieces you might own.  A beautiful new glass tabletop reflects light which in turn brightens any room!

We offer custom glass table tops in thickness from ¼” to 1” and in all shapes, sizes, and different styles of edgework. Standard or tempered glass is available.

  • Glass Conference Table Tops
    Glass conference table tops protect the value and beauty of conference room tables.  Our experienced technicians will come out to measure your conference table and we will provide you with a FREE ESTIMATE. We deliver and install the table top.
  • Broken Patio Table Glass Replacement
    We replace shattered patio table tops with umbrella holes.

Anderson Glass Company is #1 for Table Top Replacement and Custom Glass Table Tops!

Table Top Glass
Clear Glass Table Top Glass
Product Options
112" Round
214" Round
316" Round
418" Round
520" Round
622" Round
724" Round
825" Round
926" Round
1027" Round
1128" Round
1230" Round
1332" Round
1433" Round
1534" Round
1635" Round
1736" Round
1840" Round
1942" Round
2044" Round
2146" Round
2248" Round
2350" Round
2452" Round
2554" Round
Additional Options
Edgework options
11" Bevel Edge$0.00
11/2" Thickness$0.00
Shipping Rate: F

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