Small-Space Secret: A Great Big Mirror

An oversized mirror makes a small room feel much larger.
Mirrors in home decor, especially oversized mirrors, are assets when positioned to accentuate your home’s best features. Framed or unframed, mounted or free-standing, mirrors are hardworking and can double your decorating dollar.  You may live in only 500 square feet, but the right mirror can make it appear much larger.
When installing an oversized mirror, be mindful of what it will reflect.  In this dining room, the mirror shows a lovely reflection of not only the crystal chandelier, but also of a painting and a winding staircase in the foyer.
The simple addition of a large mirror will turn your dining room into a fashionable room in an instant.
When placed in a dark room, an oversized mirror eagerly exposes any bit of light and radiates it throughout the entire room.

A mirror’s reflective qualities brighten a room, even on a cloudy day.

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