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home office design 2

cool desk - my mum's got a glass plate on top of her desk, only the surface of desk is a lot smaller than the plate

fresh organic paints, repurposed fabric covers and reclaimed glass tops for an eco fresh style with glam

Try creating an Office Nook…

Reuse: For this office desk, we topped an old door with frosted glass, and suspended it from the ceiling on 3/16-inch cable wire.

You work from home but you really work from your bed, crammed space near your closet, in front of your TV or some other place that I would definitely not deem the “workspace.” The key to working from home is to carve out a space outside of your bedroom that is ONLY for your work. Now, what if you don’t have a lot of room?



Why We love it:

  • Create a workspace out of what was just a window
  • Have a view that’s better than your TV or closet
  • Increase your productivity and creativity with a new work area that’s suitable for ….you guessed it, WORK.

The New Adventures in Desk Top Design

The New Adventures in Desk Top Design...By The Black Workshop - would be cute in a craft room - as desk would need a glass top

Repurpose an old door as desk with glass on top.

Repurpose an old door as desk with glass on top #upcycle

Weathered recycled door as a desk top.

weathered recycled door as a desk top~DIY...i like this idea except i would have to put plexiglass on it to make it smooth

old door with glass top... and look at those brackets holding up the shelves <3 <3 <3

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